The Windy and Very Cold City

John and I flew out to Wisconsin to visit his family two weeks ago. We collectively decided that we’d get together a week before Christmas instead of on Christmas day. Some of us our single and some are married, some have kids and some don’t. It gets a bit complicated dividing time so that’s what worked best for us this year! And it was so much fun!

John and I flew out a few days before everyone else so that we could spend some quality time with his parents. They live about an hour away from Chicago and I had never been so we decided to take a day trip down there to see some of the sites.

Little did we know when we planned this trip it would be freezing. Now, I’ve lived in Utah my whole life and I’ve lived through some pretty cold winters but this was new to me. At one point, with the wind chill it was -25 degrees.


A lot of what we wanted to do was outside and it was simply too cold to be out with a 5 month old baby. We were going to go on the ferris wheel at Navy Pier but it was closed because they couldn’t have their workers outside due to the freezing temperatures. And I’m not sure if I would’ve trusted a huge machine to work properly in that cold of weather.

Nevertheless, we had a great time! We decided to go to the Shedd Aquarium and then find some authentic Chicago style deep dish pizza.

 Johns dad got a bit distracted with Pokemon Go.   If John can put it on his head or look through it- he’s all about tit. If Pepper is known for any look, it is this one. The classic turn-your-head-slightly-smile.   This was the otter display that we saw right at the beginning and I then proceeded to take zero pictures of any of the other exhibits. Aren’t they the cutest?  The aquarium is right along Lake Michigan. They had a whole wall of windows that allowed you to see the Chicago skyline and the lake go on for miles.  I guess I did take one other picture of a display. The picture doesn’t do it justice because these frogs were bright green.  Heading back to our car as fast as we possibly could.  I took a picture of the buildings as we were driving because they were so cool to me. Growing up in Utah I didn’t see much of this but as I looked at the pictures I had taken I realized I had taken a zillion photos of the Trump building. All political views aside, it is a pretty fancy looking thing. It’s that silver one smack dab in the middle of the photo.   This is the pizza place we ended up going to. It’s called Pequod’s. It had the best reviews and everyone said if we were looking for authentic Chicago style pizza we needed to go there. I love me some deep dish pizza so this was not a disappointment.  This was very different from what I would typically call deep dish pizza. This wasn’t anything like Dominos or Pizza Hut, obviously, but they were the only things I had ever tried that claimed to be deep dish pizza.  The dough texture is much more like bread than pizza crust and there was just loads of cheese and sauce. I’m still trying to decide how I felt about it but overall it was good.While  I wish we could’ve seen more, what we did see and experience was quite alright with me. We walked back to our car in the bitter cold with full tummies, tired eyes, and a few more memories to tuck away.

So much love,


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